Patrick's Graduation
University of California at Santa Cruz
June 2003

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Tour of Patrick's neighborhood

Organic weed control at the Neary Lagoon Wildlife Refuge Hours-old babies The Neary Lagoon Quack Honk

Commencement Ceremony

A perfect day ! The flowers are ready ... ... the music is playing ... ... and here come the grads. Awesta Wahab Keith Hodge Provost Andrew Szasz John Laird, Assemblymember, California State Assembly, UCSC Class of 1972 Patrick with fellow Marine Biology honoree Sara Boom Black robes ... full sun ... finally - let's do it ! Give the guy my name card ...  ... they announce my name ... ... shake the Provost's hand ... ... and Vice Chancellor John Simpson makes it official ! No robes and in the shade at the reception

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Moving to Catalina Island

First, one last dinner at the Saturn Cafe Loading up the cars Fueling up for the long drive to Long Beach Loading Patrick's belongings onto the USC boat

Catalina Island

Approaching the island Fisherman's Cove and the Marine Science Center Flower on Bananna tree Lunch at the West End Galley in Two Harbors The one store in Two Harbors Isthmus Cove Hiking westward toward Cherry Cove Looking back at Isthmus Cove Looking back at Two Harbors The Banning House Lodge View across the water toward Fisherman's Cove and the Marine Science Center

Panoramic view from near Cherry Cove (167 KB)

The Banning House Lodge

Philip K. Wrigley Marine Science Center

A hike to Fisherman's Cove Patrick's office / lab Dive equipment drying area Dive lockers Patrick's first day of work, and farewell


Bus ride across the island to Avalon Parts of Forrest Gump were filmed on this beach Avalon Bay

The Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Garden

Looking down from the memorial Inside the memorial