Hawaii 1999

Photographs by Patrick
Maui: Molokai:
  • Our "Cultural Guide", Greg. His family has lived in the Halawa River Valley on the eastern tip of Molokai for 8 generations. He showed us plants that were said to cure cancer, and another that could be used as shampoo, and Patrick found a strange fungus. On the way to the Halawa River Valley, there were signs everywhere. At first we thought they were advertising drugs for sale - we had read about marijuana growers in the thick rain forest. When we asked, the signs say (in Hawaiian) something like "The family is everything - No Drugs!"
  • Kay, on the north shore of Molokai, overlooking Kaluapapa. We hiked down to Father Damien's leper colony, descending down a 1600 ft. cliff that included 26 switchbacks.
  • The little town of Kaunakakai (where we stayed - see the rainbow) was the largest on the island. Here's the local dining hot spot.
Maui and Molokai wildflowers.
The End