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Wildwood Ranch

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Some wildlife we see on our property:

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Mule deer Brown bear Rabbit Squirrel Bullsnake Woodhouse's Toad (Bufo woodhousei) House mouse Caterpillar Black Widow spider White-bellied bird-watcher Coyote Rattlesnake Bat Beetle Grasshopper Racoon Tiger Swallowtail Elk (OK, not at Wildwood, but 5 mi. south) Elk (Smiley) Red Fox Skunk Coyote Bobcat Mountain Lion
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Red-tailed hawk Magpie Western Meadowlark Rose-breasted Grosbeak Broad-tailed hummingbird Lazuli bunting American Robin Black-headed Grosbeak Northern (Bullock's) Oriole Northern (Bullock's) Oriole Northern (Bullock's) Oriole Mallard ducks Mallard ducks Great Blue Heron Cliff Swallow getting a drink
   (inset in lower left shows his mud nest under the eaves of our house) Western Flicker (He likes to sit on top of the flue cap and bang his beak on the metal 
   - to assert his territory !) Turkey Vulture Bald Eagle White Crowned Sparrow Oregon Junco Chipping Sparrow Black-capped Chickadee Broad-tailed hummingbird Broad-tailed hummingbird American Goldfinch American Goldfinch Song Sparrow (photo by Patrick) Blue Grosbeak Lark Sparrow Red-winged Blackbird (male) Red-winged Blackbird (female) Yellow-breasted Chat Western Kingbird Brown Thrasher Common Nighthawk Yellow Warbler Common Grackle Western Wood-Pewee Rufous-sided Towhee House Finch Red-tailed Hawk Scrub Jay Downy Woodpecker

Other Wildwood animals waiting to have their picture taken: I dabble in:
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