Thanksgiving 2002 in Santa Fe

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Camel Rock, near the Camel Rock Casino, where we had Thanksgiving Dinner.
Open air market run by Native Americans selling artwork, especially jewelry.
Intense interest all day long.
Saint Francis Cathedral
Massive main doors.
Entry to adjoining park. Each pillar has a sandstone ball at the top. Many years ago, during a festival, a young man climbed one of the pillars for a better view. He discovered one of the balls was loose, and took it home. Recently, as the now-older man prepared to move away from Santa Fe, his conscience compelled him to return the ball, anonymously via a third party. It is now being restored.
Part of La Fonda on the Plaza.
Loretto Chapel
Mysterious Staircase inside Loretto Chapel - built without nails or support beams. An unknown carpenter is said to have fashioned it in 1878 using only a T-square, a saw, and a hammer. Upon completion, he vanished without collecting pay or leaving his name. The legend implied that St. Joseph the carpenter divinely guided the work.
Another view of La Fonda on the Plaza.
An old Mission.
Lighting of the Lights in the Plaza
Looking down E. San Francisco St. toward Saint Francis, with Lumieres atop the buildings.
Nativity atop a building along E. San Francisco St.