Petit and Grand Trianon at Versailles

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Petit Trianon - built in 1762 as a retreat for Louis XV, this small château became a favorite of Marie-Antoinette.
Marie Antoinette turned part of the garden into an English-style garden, with the workshops and a rustic hamlet. Many of these structures are false-front buildings, for appearance only.
Iris's planted along the roof ridges held moisture to prevent fires in the thatch.
Marie Antoinette
Grand Trianon - Louis XIV built this small palace of stone and pink marble in 1687 to escape the rigors of court life and to enjoy the company of his mistress, Madame de Maintenon.
Napoléon Bonaparte's map table. It expands through mechanisms built into the table, and versions were in each of his places of residence. He used it to lay out maps and plan his conquests.
Cotelle Gallery