The Impatient One

The 17th district continues to be with the honor. After having tested the "bar of the ladies", continue to traverse the street of the Ladies in direction of the Villiers subway. You will discover there a little marvel in a dead end: "the impatient one".

A place only reserved to the initiates, the owner refuses to make advertizing and wants exclusively that its customers reach him by the mouth to ear. Result: we are of the lucky numbers because this type of restaurant is rather rare in Paris. Hidden in a discrete passage of the street of the Ladies impatient, true haven of peace, accomodates you within a cordial framework.


In the entry a first hopper of decompression where you will have the possibility of taking first glass sitting in one of the armchairs of leather cracked or accoudé with the old counter out of wooden. The room awaits you in the contiguous part. The tables are nicely drawn up (traditional and coloured crockery, fresh flowers). Environment is calm and confidential, the attentive service. One will rather quickly come to take your order. Here, it is good to take time to taste so much the mets which the minutes which pass. A few moments thus to traverse the menu and to make your choice.
With the program the entry of the market, the antipasti of tomatos, zucchinis and aubergines, the poultry pot on bed of mesclin, the dish of the day, the navarrin of spring lamb, paving stone of cod to the butter of tarragon, the fruit rosette to the mascarpone, the tasty cream brulée... and many other savours still.

If you do not find your happiness, the chart will be able inevitably to satisfy you. The head is true in love with good flesh; its refined chart, is a mixture of classicisme and innovation. It will know in any way of astonishing you... and even more quickly than you would have considered it. To start: put in seasonal mouth, gracefully offered, in order to wake up your deadened papillae.

Chut... of others surprised will come to brighten your meal. Thus discover them.

A restaurant to pass one evening of in love or to invite dad-in-law and beautiful mom without being likely to make the odd one.

An e
The impatient one
14 Geffroy-Didelot Passage
75017 Paris (with the height of the 121 street of the Ladies)
Such: 01 43 87 28 10

A Review

14 Passage Geffroy-Didelot
75017 Paris
Tel: 01-43-87-28-10
$24 (approximate) menu includes a cheese tray
A very wonderful restaurant run by Caroline and Sophie. Terrific food here but be aware. This is not your usuual Gigot d'Agneau, Magret de Canard, Salmon restaurant. Paul is extremely innovative and creative in his food preparation. Different foods in different combinations. Be prepared for a long, slow dinner and really good food. Say hello to them for me.