Ile St-Louis

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Along the lower quay at the western point of Ile St-Louis, looking west toward Pont d'Arcole.
Wrought iron balconies along Quai de Béthune, near where Nobel laureate Marie Curie lived.
Suddenly, a cavalry column appeared along Boulevard Henri IV ...
... which we tried to follow, but we couldn't keep up, and lost them.
Flowers in the 19th-century Square Barye, a shady public garden at the east end of Ile St-Louis.
Looking east toward Pont D'Austerlitz.
Along the Quai d'Anjou, where Hôtel de Lauzun has a severe classical front and guilded balcony and drainpipes.
47 nesting eggs in a Russion shop on Rue St. Louis En L'ile.
A doll shop along Rue St. Louis En L'ile.
Click to hear accordian music in front of a cafe.