Canyon Lake, 2002

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The flood of July, 2002.
July 4:
3.5 feet of water in the boat shed as the level of Canyon Lake reaches the spillway for the first time in the 40+ year history of the reservoir.
3 feet of water in the garage. Good thing we put everything in the garage up high - the water can't rise any higher than this before it starts flowing over the spillway.
We put some small firewood for the BBQ pit on top of the stone columns of the drive-thru boat shed, to keep it dry.
The base of these 3 trees are at the level of the spillway.
All set for the night.
Remember this view !
We take a break from the flood for a family photo of the whole gang.
Marvin & Linda
Granny's 80th birthday.
Shannon reads a tribute to Granny ...
and everyone ...
Magan helps Joyce clean the window.
The flood of 2002 continues the next morning.
July 5:
The lake rises 7 feet ABOVE the spillway !
The boat shed is completely submerged.
Talk about lake-front property !
Rod explores the submerged garage.
Patrick checks out the drive-thru boat shed.
So much for the firewood !
Patrick makes pizza for 14.
The 300 yard wide spillway of Canyon Lake.
All the trees growing here were ripped loose and sent downstream through New Braunfels.
Mist rises from the churning water.
The sound was awesome !
Water ...
... water ...
... and more water.
The mother lode !