Frank Rothermel B. 01 Oct 1870 D. 16 Oct 1929


Frank Rothermel was born 01 Oct 1870 in Portage County, OH. He died 16 Oct 1929 in St. Thomas Hospital, Akron, Summit OH and was buried in St. Joseph Cemetery, Randolph, OH. He was 59 years old.


Emeline Amelia WeidamanPeter Rothermel

Born 01 Oct 1870Portage County, OH
Married Anna L. Fisher10 Feb 1890St. Joseph Church, Suffield, OH
Died 16 Oct 1929St. Thomas Hospital, Akron, Summit OH
Buried St. Joseph Cemetery, Randolph, OH

Other information

Frank and Anna had no children. Frank lived 2 farms away from his fatherPeter's farm. Portage Co., Directory 1929-30 Rothermel, Frank (Anna) farmer O 65a 7h 6c R17 New Milford Root 16 roos Anna Fisher and Frank Rothermel are listed in the Portage County MarriageRecords.

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