Andrew George Horning B. 08 Aug 1869 D. 09 Sep 1957


Andrew George Horning was born 08 Aug 1869 in Randolph, Portage County, OH. He died 09 Sep 1957 in Robinson Memorial, Ravenna, OH and was buried in St. Joseph Cemetary, Randolph, Portage. Ohio. He was 88 years old.


Anna Mary RothermelAndreas Andrew Horning


Albert George HorningElonora Louisa HorningHerman Peter HorningJoseph Edward HorningOscar Vincent HorningVictor Andrew Horning

Born 08 Aug 1869Randolph, Portage County, OH
Married Sarah Harter22 May 1894St. Joseph Catholic Church, Randolph, Ohio
Died 09 Sep 1957Robinson Memorial, Ravenna, OH
Buried St. Joseph Cemetary, Randolph, Portage. Ohio

Other information

Andrew George Horning - Biographical info (prior to marriage)
Fourth son and eighth child of Andrew and Anna Mary (Rothermel) Horning
Siblings included John D., Margaret, George P., Mary T., Maggie E., EmmaA., Edward W.,
(Andrew G.), Elizabeth A., Alfred A. and Veronica
Born August 8th, 1869 in Randolph, Ohio
Lived entire childhood in Randolph

Andrew George and Sarah (Harter) Horning - Biographical info (marriage and beyond)
Andrew George and Sarah Harter were married May 22nd, 1894 at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Randolph.  Witnesses to the wedding were Alfred Horning (perhaps Andrew's younger brother) and Rosa Trares, as the Maid of Honor (perhaps a sibling to Sara h who also went to live with theTrares family after their father's abandonment OR a member of the Trares family).
Children borne to the union of Andrew and Sarah:  Joseph Edward, Albert George, Oscar Vincent, Herman Peter, Victor Andrew and Elonora Louisa
Andrew, tall and slim with a moustache, preferred speaking German, the language of his ancestors before him. His occupation was farming.  As an adult, he sold electrical lines to farmers and others, a sort of self-made salesman, according to grand son Ed Horning. Devoted to his wife, family grandchildren have stated how he treated his wife, Sarah,"like a queen".
Andrew drove in a day and age when many did not.  He was also an ardent admirer of radio, particulary the "Lone Ranger" radio program.  A liddedvictrola was also to be found within the home, where a number of comedy records were enjoyed.
Sarah, unlike her tall husband, appeared to be much shorter in height. Grandchildren have stated how Sarah's hair was so long at one point that it may have reached down to the floor, although she often wore it in a bun.  Like her husband, she, too , could speak English, but often preferred speaking German.
Andrew and Sarah were both members of St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Andrew is shown in one church picture entitled "Pillars of the Church"with a group of other men from the parish.  Perhaps he also helped with the construction of the 1926 Lourde s Grotto that still stands on the church grounds today.  Sarah was a member of the St. Joseph's Altar Society.  Additionally, Andrew and Sarah had the privilege of being godparents to three children; in this particular case, all grandchildren an d all baptized at St. Joseph's.
The Horning home, which boasted of twelve-foot high ceilings as well as eighteen-inch thick walls, was heated by a coal-fired furnace in the basement.  A kerosene stove was used in the kitchen for cooking. Electricity was added years later.  Decad es later, the home is still standing and is inhabited by descendants of Andrew and Sarah.
Not without tragedy, however, Sarah and Andrew lost two children in early adulthood.  Oldest son, Joseph "Joe" - co-founder of "Horning and Wise" Chevrolet in Randolph - died in January 1934, just one month after his youngest child had been born .  Going into the hospital for back surgery, the surgery went awry, pneumonia set in, and Joe died shortly thereafter, not quite thirty-nine (39) years old.  Less than four years later, youngest child and only daughter, Elonora, a.k.a. Sister Mar y Martha, S.N.D., also passed away.  After becoming seriously ill from the 1917(1918?) flu, Elonora never fully recovered.  The last five years of her life she remained bedfast, finally succumbing to her illness in Septemberof 1937.  She was onl y twenty-nine (29) years old at the time of her death.
Despite such setbacks, the remaining four Horning children lived relatively long lives, blessing Andrew and Sarah with a number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
A golden wedding anniversary was celebrated on May 28th, 1944 at St.Joseph's Catholic Church in Randolph, with the Reverend F.J. Bertrampresiding.  Altogether, Andrew and Sarah celebrated over sixty-three (63) years of marriage together.
Andrew George Horning passed away on September 9th, 1957.  The cause of death was given as coronary thrombosis.  He was eighty-eight years old at the time of his death.  He is buried in the church cemetery, behind St. Joseph's Catholic Churc h in Randolph.
Sarah Horning passed away just a few short months later, passing away on April 15th, 1958 at the Loretto Rest Home in Kent.  The cause of death was listed as uremia.  Sarah was eighty-three years old at the time ofher death.  Sarah is buried in th e church cemetery next to her husband,Andrew.

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