Sarah Harter B. 09 Jun 1874 D. 15 Apr 1958


Sarah Harter was born 09 Jun 1874. She died 15 Apr 1958 in Loretto Rest home, Kent, Portage, Ohio and was buried in St. Joseph Cemetary, Randolph, Portage. Ohio. She was 84 years old.


Elizabeth AndesWendlin Harter


Albert George HorningElonora Louisa HorningHerman Peter HorningJoseph Edward HorningOscar Vincent HorningVictor Andrew Horning

Born 09 Jun 1874
Married Andrew George Horning22 May 1894St. Joseph Catholic Church, Randolph, Ohio
Died 15 Apr 1958Loretto Rest home, Kent, Portage, Ohio
Buried St. Joseph Cemetary, Randolph, Portage. Ohio

Other information

Sarah Harter - Biographical info (prior to marriage)
Sometimes seen as Sarah M. Harter
Daughter of Wendlin and Elizabeth (Andes/Anders/Antis?) Harter
May have had other siblings; at least one (half)sibling died at birth
Born June 9th, 1874 - Birthplace unknown
I presume that Sarah's entire childhood was lived in Portage County,although I have not substantiated this.
Although Wendlin Harter is Sarah's father, birth records at St. Joseph'sshow Sarah's mother marrying Ferdinand Harter two months after Sarah'sbirth.  (The relationship between the two Harter's is unclear, althoughthey are both listed on the Wuerte mmberg Index/Germany as coming to NorthAmerica at the same time).   Perhaps Sarah's birthfather died prior toher birth or shortly afterwards.  In any event, Sarah's mother wasmarried in the church to Ferdinand two months after Sarah was born.  Fiv eyears later, Sarah's mother - Elizabeth - died during childbirth alongher new infant.  Ferdinand abandoned the family shortly thereafter and bythe 1880 Census, Sarah was living with the Trares family in PortageCounty.

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