Rothermel Family

circa 1913; left-right:
Jerome, Urban, Rose, Marcella, Charles, Harold, Hubert, Raymond

circa 1924; left-right:
Hubert, Urban (rear), Coletta (front), Charles, Marcella, Bill (rear), Catherine (front), Ray, Rose, Harold, Veronica, Romie

Locations of Rothermel Ancestors, before immigrating to the US.

Zoomed-in View of Locations of Rothermel Ancestors, before immigrating to the US.

The family farm at St. Joseph, Ohio

At home on the farm - circa 1918
Bill, Ronnie, Marcella, Coletta, Harold, Urban, Ray, (Sport)

Harold, Ray, Coletta, Marcella
Bill, Hubert, Urban, Catherine

Gail, Rod, Joyce

?, ?, Kay, Joanie Davis, ?, Gail, Joyce

Grace Floom, Kay, Gail, Rod

Marcella, December 25, 1933, Age 21

Hubert, Romie, Ray, Rose, Urban, Bill, Harold
Marcella, Coletta, Francie, Ronnie, Catherine

209 Clarendon Avenue NW, Canton, OH - June 1936

Urban, Hubert, and Harold delivered for Canton Pure Milk Company

Urban, ?, Agnes, Ray
June 1937

Catherine and Coletta, Meyers Lake, 1940

Francie & Bernadette Kerr

Marcella & Clarence married on August 3, 1940

Coletta - 1944

Coletta - 1945

Urban, Arline holding Joyce - June 1945

Urban with Joyce

Francie, Rose

Jerome, Urban, Rose, Bill, Ray, Harold
This picture appeared in the Canton newspaper - Rose was willing to give as many of her sons as the government needed.
Jerome, Ray, Urban, Harold, and Francis served during World War II.


Francie and Coletta when both were stationed in Florida

Rose and Urban

Coletta, Hubert, Clarence, Marcella

Ed Crane, Francie

Coletta and Ed on their honeymoon at Williamsburg, Virginia


Hubert & Anne Rothermel, Kay & Craig Robinson